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Destination Wedding Planner

Destination Wedding Services

Looking to jet off for that perfect DESTINATION WEDDING with family and friends?

Let SANDSTONE Weddings & Special Events Inc. plan everything for you or assist you with your vision! You just let us know your dream location and wishes for your special day and we will find the best location. Arrange the perfect decorated setting and Reception area for your special day. We will even go along with you! Arriving a day or two before your wedding to be sure everything is ready to go and prepared to your vision.

Included in this exciting package will be the Full Planning of:

  • Location recommendations. Anywhere your heart desires...
  • Arranging hotel, banquet hall, outdoor setting for your wedding or reception
  • Details/assistance of all documents that will be required to travel and marry at that location
  • We would work on the fine details of your color theme, flower choice, site location, etc.
  • Arrange/assist with travel plans for you and all of your guests
  • Have itinerary for you and your guests detailing the timeline of your special day
  • Arrange vendors needed for your special day... example: Photographer, Florist, Cake

Edmonton Destination Wedding Planner
Please call us to discuss this service in more detail. We will provide a quote that will best suit your perfect wedding day or special event.

We can even plan your Reception party once you return home for guests that were unable to attend your Destination Wedding.

May it be a hot Mexican destination such as the Mayan Riviera or a magical mountain destination such as Jasper, Alberta we are here to help! Contact us for more details.